May 27 Fact

Butterflies of HopeFlight of the Butterflies

Spreading Lupus Awareness One Butterfly at a time

Let this butterfly flutter all over cyberspace!

May 27 Lupus Fact

One of the symbols used to identify lupus is the butterfly, the other is the wolf. The symbol was chosen because of the butterfly shaped rash that often appears on the face of many lupus patients, and that is a hallmark sign of lupus. The butterfly emerges from the dark confines of a cocoon, transformed into a beautiful graceful being, like a lupus warrior emerging from the confines and limits of a long difficult flare. Lupus warriors are beautiful and strong, they live with many challenges and embrace their lupus walk with zest and courage, living their lives with joy, despite lupus. Lupus warriors are like butterflies in that they live with many struggles. The ultimate goal for them is to have a change in their life that will give them their wings of freedom in health. The lupus symbol is a symbol of hope in tomorrow for a better day, for a cure. The symbol is beautiful but the disease is not!

This is your twenty-seventh butterfly of hope. 
We need awareness and a cure!

Encourage everyone you know to let it FLY!

#LupusInColor #ButterfliesofHope #FlightoftheButterflies #SpreadLupusAwareness

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