Flight of the Butterflies Fact 16

Butterflies of Hope
Flight of the Butterflies
Spreading Lupus Awareness One Butterfly at a time
Let this butterfly flutter all over cyberspace!

May 16 Lupus Fact


Lupus can range from mild, with little to no symptoms, to life threatening.  Even when lupus is mild, almost every case needs to be treated by a doctor. With good medical care, most people with lupus can lead a full life.  Contrary to popular opinion, Lupus can be fatal.  Twenty years ago, only 40% of the people with Lupus were expected to live more than three years after being diagnosed.  Today, between 80 and 90% of people with Lupus can live a normal lifespan, but not without struggle and pain.

This is your sixteenth butterfly of hope.

We need awareness and a cure!

Encourage everyone you know to let it FLY!

#LupusInColor #ButterfliesofHope #FlightoftheButterflies #SpreadLupusAwareness

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