In The Present

You can feel guilty about having lupus, apprehensive about living beyond lupus, but you can only live in the present and bloom anyway. The ability to live in the present in spite of lupus is the key to your mental wellness to heal past the pain. #LupusInColor

Butterflies of Hope Care Package

New Lupus Care Packages
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Care Package for Lupus Warriors
Packages consists of: blanket, socks, lotion, coloring book, pens, colored pencils, candle, granola and protein bars, water bottle, tea & tea cup, magazines.

Type of items vary from photo shown.

Great gift for a warrior who has had a rough time, is hospitalized, receives infusions or just to let them know you are thinking of them.

Price $55 +$8 SH


It’s Okay

It's ok, as you battle lupus, not to have it all together. After all, you are fighting a difficult battle. You don't have to be perfect, you just have to fight for your life beyond lupus. #LupusInColor

It Doesn’t Matter

It doesn't matter who you used to be before lupus; It matters who you decide to be beyond lupus. You are not your pain or your suffering . You are not lupus! You are not the wounds that lupus creates in you or on you. You can decide whether lupus creates a broken you or if you create a fighting you. Remember this, you are given a new opportunity every second of every day. In every breath you take, you beat lupus. Every moment you are living you are thriving to be the best you beyond lupus. You are not less than because of lupus, you are more than enough in spite of lupus! #LupusInColor

You are Not Alone

You are not alone in your Lupus journey. Even when you feel lonely and full of despair there are other Lupus Warriors you can reach out to to lighten your load. Don't be afraid to reach out. Sometimes just a short talk can bring you some hope and support to make it through your next rough moment. #LupusInColor

FDA Approves Home Benlysta Injection 

FDA Approves BENLYSTA as a Weekly Self-Administered Injection to Treat Lupus

Today, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved a new subcutaneous formulation of Benlysta (belimumab) for subcutaneous use (SC), providing a new, less invasive method for administering this therapy to treat lupus. This new formulation of Benlysta, produced by GSK, would be the first self-injection lupus treatment that people with lupus can administer at home once per week. Previously patients receiving Benlysta had to travel to a medical facility for monthly infusions.   

Dr. Susan Manzi, Chair of the Department of Medicine of Allegheny Health Network in Pittsburgh, and also Medical Director for the Lupus Foundation of America said, “The new injection formulation of Benlysta will provide a convenient option for our patients who prefer to administer the medication at home instead of taking the time for a one hour infusion at a remote location. We are always looking for better ways to serve our patients and this is a major step forward.”
Benlysta was first approved as a monthly infusion therapy for lupus in March 2011. Patients on this original formulation had to travel to an infusion center to receive the therapy. GSK’s Benlysta SC will be self-administered as a weekly injection into the fatty layer of tissue just under the skin. It will be available as either a single-dose pre-filled syringe or from a single-dose auto-injector.

Benlysta SC is expected to be available by the end of August from specialty pharmacies. More information is available from the GSK media release. GSK will post additional information about Benlysta SC soon at



Sometimes our posts are funny, sometimes our posts are sad. Sometimes our posts are a reality for many, sometimes our posts are only a reality of one. Sometimes our posts can make you feel exactly what we want to portray, sometimes they will miss the mark for you. Sometimes our posts will make you think, sometimes they will just make you feel like you don’t want to think about it all. Sometimes our posts will encourage and support you, sometimes they may convict and haunt you. Sometimes our posts will teach you, sometimes our posts will encourage us to learn more about lupus. Sometimes our posts will make you angry, sometimes it will show you some harsh realities. Sometimes you will like the posts and sometimes you won’t. Most important, we hope that sometimes, just sometimes, we touch your spirit and encourage your soul to continue fighting for your life with every fiber of your being because you are strong, resilient, brave, amazing and are so worth a beautiful life beyond lupus! #LupusInColor


Don’t hold onto the suffering that lupus brings. Even with lupus life is not all bad and sometimes, even for a short time, pain ends. Remember, lupus brings bad moments and it’s up to you to recognize and tap into the good moments when you have lupus in a headlock. #LupusInColor