Fall In Love

Fall in love with healing yourself beyond lupus. Healing doesn’t only come in the physical cure. It could be healing of your mind through how you think about your fight. Healing can come in your spirit in how you cope with your beliefs. Healing. An even come in your physical body as you overcome those lupus moments that that may take you down. Fall in love with healing yourself beyond lupus. It’s important in your lupus fight. #LupusInColor


Butterflies of HOPE H.olding O.n P.urposely E.veryday

Holding • Holding on to the power of health and wellness beyond lupus. Believing that it is possible to be better, to be well, even when we are at our worst. Holding on to the possibility of a cure and complete total healing.

On • On top of advocacy for yourself. On top of education about your own lupus issues. On the ball with communication with your doctors, family and friends about all that goes on with you as you battle lupus. Being On top of being honest with yourself and others about how you really feel in order to not overdo it.

Purposely • Purposely living in spite of Lupus. Living in the purpose of getting better a nanosecond at a time. Being purposeful in reminding yourself of the importance of being well mentally and spiritually even when your body is not cooperating and you don’t want to be. Staying determined to stay purposeful in thinking right so that your body will respond with feeling right beyond lupus. Staying purposeful in your plan to defeat lupus at every turn. Living in purpose beyond lupus to lead a purposefully powerful life.

Everyday • Every day in every way making a conscious effort to get up, get dressed, get out and live beyond lupus. These everyday activities make a huge difference in your fight. Lupus can stifle your will to live. It can take your everyday and create a plethora of feelings that remove your spark to live. Every day you must make a concerted effort to change the way you think, act and react to living with lupus. Every day you must realize that live is amazing beyond lupus’ constraints and live with everyday activities that create a more positive tone in your fight. Every day you have to live like you mean it.


Holding On Purposely Everyday

Live in HOPE, Fight in HOPE


Divulging Lupus

One of the hardest things to do in our lupus battle is divulging our illness to employers and family. We may fear judgement and firing. Oftentimes many don’t understand chronic illness and it can disrupt relationships once divulged. #LupusInColor

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Unpredictable Lupus

Lupus is so unpredictable and can strike at any time. It always comes at the most inopportune moments like a bat out of hell and kicks you dead in the gut. Lupus fog, anxiety and stress are real in a lupus Warrior’s fight. #LupusInColor

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Dear Concerned Citizen

Dear Concerned Citizen,

It’s easy for someone to tell you don’t take the meds they are only making you sicker. It’s easy for someone to tell you that the pharmaceutical companies are making money on creating medications that make you dependent on them. It’s easy for people to pass judgment because you choose to take the meds that keep you alive and operational. It’s easy for people to say you should just go with natural products, or just smoke weed, or change your eating habits and you’ll be cured. It’s easy for people to say your doctor is taking you for a ride pumping you with meds that are obviously not working because you are still sick.

It’s easy when they are not battling day to day. When they don’t have to fight to do simple things like get up, brush your teeth, interact with your family. It’s easy when they don’t know anything about what lupus does to your body and how it can ravish and destroy the little soul left after pain killed the rest. It’s easy to say things that don’t help but hurt; Or to speak without thinking how it will affect the person that is not just sick but chronically ill.

It’s not easy to make the health choices you must make to survive to live a normal life in spite of lupus. It’s not easy to come to the conclusion that your life is forever changed by something that can potentially take your last breath. It’s not as easy as just doing a,b,c or d. If it was we would do it all simply and enjoy a cure. So many people give advice with no knowledge or skills that can assist.

So, before you decide to give unsolicited medical advice, please take a moment to think before you speak, know before you make judgement and learn before you tell others how they should take care of their own health. Your support is appreciated, your judgment and lack of knowledge of what my health care needs are is not.

Love as we Fight,

Lupus Warriors World Wide

Lupus Tip -30

Lupus Tip #30

Be honest with your doctors. Tell them exactly what’s going on good and bad. Don’t let embarrassment or pride dictate what to divulge to your doctor. Your treatment depends on your honesty with your doctor and willingness to be honest with yourself. #LupusInColor

Lupus Notes To Self

Lupus Notes To Self: You May be sad and stressed right now. Lupus may be getting you down, but please try your best to remember and believe that these feelings are not permanent. You are so strong, you prove this as you push through every day. You can get through this, take it slow, You’ll be okay! #LupusInColor

Meditation To Cope

We have seen “mindfulness” and meditating being written about everywhere, and there’s good reason. By taking a few minutes during the day to pause, breathe deeply, and relax, we can “quiet our minds.” It helps to lift mood, reduce fatigue and encourage feelings of peace, calm and gentleness toward the self.

The mind plays an important role in our capacity to cope with disease and pain.

When it is successfully practiced by those living with lupus, meditation has the capacity to reduce stress levels and anxiety, to help bring depression and mood disorders under control, and to change the perception of pain. In addition, meditation can help lupus warriors who suffer from a long-standing problem: insomnia. Since insomnia may be related to the pain, anxiety, or neuropsychiatric symptoms, meditation, mindfulness or prayer may help. It stands to reason that helping to bring these symptoms under control with meditation and other practices could bring lupus warriors relief from insomnia.

Why meditate?

Meditation is a powerful tool that can reduce stress, help our physical health, ease chronic pain and support better sleep. Meditation has also been proven to improve mental and emotional wellbeing.

If you’ve never tried to meditate, don’t worry. It’s incredibly simple to start:

1.Find a quiet spot where you will not be interrupted or distracted.

2.Sit or lie down in a comfortable position. Feel free to use pillows to make your experience more enjoyable.

3.Make no effort to control your breath, simply breathe normally.

4.Bring your attention to your breath. In and out. In and out.

5.Bring your attention to your body and thoughts.

6.Bring your attention to any emotions that are present.

7.Be kind to yourself.

There is no right or wrong way to meditate. Wherever your mind wanders, it’s okay, simply return your mental focus back to your breath. Whatever emotions come up, simply be with them. Some people feel physical energy moving through their body, and others feel sadness, anger, or even laughter come through. The key is to be kind and gentle with yourself. Start in small increments and work up to more time as you become more acclimated. A good beginning goal is 2-5 minutes. Set a timer so you don’t have to wonder about an end time.

If you’re just listening to all the noise in your brain and being reactive, you’re gonna lose it. That’s normally where people live. Being able to find a place of stability outside of that noise means first disengaging and understanding that it’s noise and it’s not you.


Medical Marijuana

Medical Cannibis or Medical Marijuana information from WebMD.

The research, information and/or answers provided on this site are not meant to be used as a substitute for Professional Medical advice. Information is gathered from several sources via the internet, print and interviews with doctors and professionals and may differ from your physician’s advice. The information provided and presented is for educational purposes, to support visitors in the quest to learn more about a most silent disease and to assist in providing information that can be used to speak with your physician. Being a lupus warrior can be a lonely and misunderstood disease and we want to help those affected to lessen those feelings and provide information that can help in learning more about treatments and the disease as a whole.

It is recommended before attempting to change anything in your medical or health regimen that you first check with your personal physician to see if it is appropriate for you and works with your medical treatment plan.


Not Just A Hashtag

Lupus In Color is not just a hashtag. It’s a movement to spread awareness to those who don’t know and don’t understand. It’s a movement to spread encouragement and praise to lupus warriors fighting for their lives. It’s a movement to empower people to lupus advocacy for better health policies and healthier lupus treatments. It’s the movement to spread positive hope to lupus warriors one butterfly at a time. Lupus In Color, it’s not just a hashtag. Help be a part of the movement! #LupusInColor #Educate #Inspire #Encourage #Empower