Lupie Gurl Episode 7

Life of a Lupie Gurl.. Episode 7

Lupus really trips out sometimes. I mean really trips out. It’s like when lupus doesn’t see me for a day or so she comes back with a vengeance. So, today I went to get out of bed and lupus decided that my feet were all hers. I placed my feet on the floor, thought I had it made took a couple of steps and *BAM* I was greeting the floor. “Oh hello floor you are always there to catch me, I love you!” I couldn’t even cry, I could only laugh and think DAMN! I laid there as I laughed and said (in my Michael Jackson voice) “Lupus you really knocked me off my feet now baby *hee hee*.” I eventually got up and made my way to the bathroom with semi swollen sausage toes leading me into the day.

Life of a Lupie Gurl, its not always pretty but there’s no reason I can’t laugh it out.

That Lupie Gurl Classy, Sassy and a bit Smart Assy, beating lupus one laugh at a time! #LupusInColor

Butterflies on the Loose 

Butterflies on the loose. Share Lupus Raise Awareness! I have lupus lupus does NOT have ME! Spread the movement! 

Lupus is like being allergic to yourself, the cells that are supposed to attack bad and harmful cells attack your good cells and can attack any of your healthy organs. The cells that are supposed to protect you don’t know how to stop fighting and fight all of the time. Hence the term over- active or hyper-active immune system. 

 #ShareLupusAwareness #LupusInColor