Renew Your Strength

Feeling alone and discouraged while battling lupus is not uncommon. As a matter of fact it’s quite normal. It’s important to find a way to release those feelings and find the support from those who understand what you are going through. Sometimes, you may require professional help to get out of the funk that lupus can put you in. Don’t feel embarrassed about reaching out for the help you need. It’s your life and you have to take control of it by seeking the help needed to release and renew your strength. When you do this, you thwart opportunities for lupus to wear you down and keep you discouraged. It’s not easy getting out of the discouragement and loneliness that can come with lupus, but it’s necessary for you to do whatever it takes to remove the stronghold of it all. #LupusInColor

Lupus & Depression

Life with lupus can be challenging. With symptoms that come and go, disease flares and remissions, and the uncertainty of what each day will bring, it’s normal to experience feelings of unhappiness, frustration, anger, or sadness. It’s also normal to grieve for the loss of the life you had before lupus.

As you battle lupus, it’s normal to feel sad or down sometimes. After all, lupus will force you to make big adjustments in your life. Lupus can put a strain on your personal relationships, and make it hard to do some of the things you enjoy. All this can take a toll on you emotionally. But feelings of sadness or depression that last more than a few weeks should be evaluated and treated.

Here are 11 steps you can take to somewhat alleviate the feelings if you have lupus and think you may have depression.

1. Talk With Your Doctor About Depression and Lupus

2. Aim for Acceptance of Your Lupus Diagnosis

3. Keep Self-Talk Positive, Avoid Negative Self-Talk

4. Surround Yourself With Supportive People

5. Take One Day at a Time

6. Watch Your Mood Closely

7. Keep a List of Ways to Feel Better

8. Connect With Your Spirituality

9. Be as Active as You Can With Lupus

10. Learn All You Can About Lupus

11. Keep Up Healthy Habits While Living With Lupus

People with a chronic illness such as lupus are at higher risk of depression. Studies show that as many as 60% of people with a chronic illness will have depression at some point in their lives.

It’s important to know the signs and take action to avoid depression spurts that can harm you emotionally and physically.