LIC Support Group

How exactly do you start a bullet journal?

Come out and find out how you can get organized and focused on your lupus journey,

Bullet Journaling 101 will assist you in lettng go of several planners, old notebooks and bulky vision boards. Keep your lupus goals right in front of you at all times with a bullet journal.

A new and different way to really get focused on your health and wellness as you battle lupus, while keeping you accountable to you!

A supportive and fun learning session that will leave you inspired, encouraged and empowered!

Light refreshments will be served.

Journals provided as a gift from Lupus In Color #LupusInColor

Time Stands Still

Time stands still for no one. Don’t waste your time being angry because you have lupus. It won’t make it go away, in fact it will make your flares worse. Accept that lupus is here,hopefully not to stay, and find ways to break away and move around its grips. #LupusInColor