Life of a Lupie Gurl Episode 3

10805718_861978963823150_7685814739576278167_nI love how when you tell someone you have lupus they always know someone that has it and is doing fine. How do you know they are doing fine because they don’t look sick and don’t tell you when they aren’t doing well? No two lupus warriors are the same stop comparing us to your brother’s, girlfriend’s, sister’s, baby daddy’s, third cousin who is fifth removed. We know you mean well and you are trying to encourage us that it will be ok, but everyone’s lupus is very different. No matter how many times you say that person does it all, it won’t change what I can’t do… So when you feel the need to tell me to get over it because Susie Ann was able to, don’t get mad when I reach out and touch your hand and wring it a little just to let you know my pain just hit. Then maybe you can understand what my name is and how different I am from the person you know. When I look at you like a deer in headlights because of your,shall I say… “dumbness” don’t get too angry because when I told your sister that I had lupus she completely understood, why don’t you aren’t you of the same blood? Aren’t you one in the same? Here… Take this sign “I AM THE STUPID PERSON YOUR MOTHER WARNED YOU ABOUT” and hold it high for all to see. I want to be able to identify you next time I see you.

Life of a Lupie Gurl, its not always pretty but there’s no reason I can’t laugh it out.

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