Life of a Lupie Girl Episode 4


Life of a Lupie Gurl Episode 4…

Dear Lord,

Thank you for the sense of humor that you instill in us as we battle lupus. Yesterday we forgot our address and gave the wrong one to someone coming to pick us up. Last Saturday we woke up running swiftly to get everyone up and out for school and work. Only to realize after cooking and dressing it was the weekend and everyone was off all day. Today, we popped out of bed thinking everyone was late ran downstairs, into the kitchen to begin breakfast only to slip and fall on the kitchen floor. As we lay to make sure nothing is hurt, to our surprise as we look at the clock from the floor, it was only 4:30am. We lay there getting ready to cry and scream “why me?” but, the dog rushes to catch your tears with her stinky tongue and gets you in the eyeball and right up your nose…. Your beginning of a meltdown is quickly diverted and turned into laughter as the dog jumps on you to play.

Thank you for the gift of laughter and humor, without it lupus would bore us to death, literally!

Life of a Lupie Gurl, its not always pretty but there’s no reason I can’t laugh it out.

That Lupie Gurl Classy, Sassy and a bit Smart Assy, beating lupus one laugh at a time!‪

~Lupus In Color‬~

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