Rearrange Your Goals

goodhabitsYou will have to rearrange some of your life goals due to lupus, here are some things to consider:

How severe are your symptoms and how many hours a day you can realistically work? Can you work full-time if you’re at home? Part-time outside of the home?

What is your daily level of pain? This may mean you will have to scratch off previous career choices that involve either a huge amount of typing or that involve you on your feet all day. However, for some people, neither of those are a problem.

If you plan to be on disability or remain on disability, you need to double and triple check how much extra income you are allowed to make while still receiving your benefits. Carefully weigh whether or not it is worth it to continue on disability or if you should work to make up the difference. This is a decision that should be made after consulting with your rheumatologist as well as observing yourself in daily activities.

If you have to choose a whole new line of work, begin to think about what you are qualified to do and about your hobbies. Make an appointment with a career counsellor to discuss your options. If you have to go back to school to earn another degree or credential, don’t overdo it. There is nothing wrong with taking one or two classes at a time and taking it slowly. You may even be able to earn your complete degree or credential online, allowing you to complete work at your own schedule throughout the week.

Remember, most get rich quick schemes are not real. If you are looking to be employed online, there are plenty of legitimate places that will hire you to work from home, that will either pay you a reasonable salary or build up income over time. Be very vigilant and aware of work at home scams.

~Lupus In Color~

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