4 thoughts on “Lupus Has You Down?

  1. Letitia Hall says:


    Im Letitia and i’ve been trying to build my own nonprofit organization. Could you help direct me to the right path of grants that may help me to help start built up my nonprofit. I’ve been checking out grants but I’m just so overwhelmed I need it so be easy if possible but it’s not and I’m getting discouraged I don’t have a support system that values what I’m trying to do so I’m a one woman show here really wants to help support those with lupus multiple sclerosis als scleroderma sjogren’s rheumatory arthritis. There is a company here that I had found but they’re a bit pricey I don’t have that kind of funds is there really just one grant or a few that I could apply for that could help me actually get started?

    Looking forward to your response.

    Letitia Hall
    MS/ Lupus Group Leader
    (702) 9106044


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