Don’t Go Rogue


Don’t make hasty decisions about your health and expect your lupus to get under control. Before you decide to make medicinal changes, do your research, know your body, pay attention to your body cues for help, know the reaction of your body for not taking, overtaking or stopping medicines. Don’t just stop or start because you believe doctors are out for your money or that you’re just tired of taking medicines. Make informed, educated and sound decisions in managing your lupus. Don’t go rougue and end up eaten alive by the very disease you could have beaten properly. #LupusInColor

2 thoughts on “Don’t Go Rogue

  1. Life Diet Health says:

    Great post but it is also worth considering the effect that various medications have on each other! Some medicines just don’t work well with others and only you can decide if a new medicine isn’t agreeing with you. Worth checking out any new symptoms too if you have new meds – working in conjunction with the professionals of course! 🙂


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