Miracle Cure?

Cure your lupus without pharmaceutical pills, chemo or infusions!” “Cure lupus at home, fast and cheap without help from medical experts!” “Cure lupus with these natural products and have no side effects!” “There’s a new miracle pill, a miracle herbal treatment, a miracle diet that cured my lupus.”

Like most people diagnosed with lupus, we are terrified. We are desperate for a cure and willing to do anything. In other words, sometimes we are very vulnerable.

There is NO miracle pill, treatment, diet that can cure lupus. There are definitely things you can do to lessen the symptoms, but there is NO miracle cure. Be aware of scams and predators that try and prey on your desire to rid yourself of lupus. Be smart in your journey fighting lupus, try what you feel is good for your body and don’t allow scam artists to take you for a ride promising miracle cures.


Don’t get me wrong. When it comes to any medical treatment, I support a lupus warrior’s right to choose what’s best for them. But I whole-heartedly beg you to do your research before taking any treatment. Read up on your treatment, check if the information is supported by research, talk to your medical team(get a second opinion if you want it), and be sure you understand your options before making a final decision.

Being diagnosed with lupus can turn your world upside down and, unfortunately, there are people who use that as an opportunity to make money. The best way to protect yourself is to be curious, ask lots of questions and don’t be taken by the people who claim to have a miracle in a treatment to cure your lupus overnight. #LupusInColor

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