Lupus Fog…

Lupus Fog
Symptoms of lupus fog can occur at any time in an individual that has been diagnosed with lupus, but will often flare up during times of high stress. Most of the time, the affected individual will have generalized trouble verbalizing their ideas. Sometimes memory loss will occur along with the ability to perform everyday, routine tasks. Symptoms can occur intermittently, or be continuous for an extended period of time. Those experiencing foggy symptoms are usually completely aware it is occurring, which leads to high stress and frustration
I have learned through others with lupus, as well as my doctor, that the wolf can create memory issues and ‘brain fog’, which at times, makes us lupies so forgetful that we can feel uncertain of how to do routine tasks.

It is debilitating as well as jarring to realize that you forget more than just doctor’s appointments and family birthdays, but also how to do mundane things that you have done a million times.

Just remember the fog will pass and clarity will return. Don’t get lost in what it does to you, get ready to bust out of it as it passes by.


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