Try Lupus

What it’s like to have lupus sometimesTen ways to learn what it’s like to have lupus:

1. Beat your body up over and over again for 24 hours.

2. Stay awake for 24 hours.

3. Every time you stand up, fall back down and then try again but this time spin around really fast 5 times.

4. Throw yourself down a flight of stairs over and over again.

5. Run a marathon.

6. Get run over by a bus as it drives frontwards and then again backwards.

7. Get amnesia and walk around aimlessly then get your memory back and quickly forget what you were doing again.

8. Get shocked all over your body by tasers over and over again.

9. Have someone hit you in the head over and over again like a prized fighter.

10. Now try and live a normal life in between and beyond all of that. 

Congratulations! You have just experienced a small taste of what it is to have lupus.

Adapted from sunshine and spoons . com


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