Lupus Warrior

What it’s like being a lupus warrior….Imagine living a life where you have this huge weight on your back all of the time. It’s like you never really get to live freely. You are always in a state of fear because you never know from day to day what could happen. You don’t know if you body will manage the attacks through the night. You don’t know if when you wake if your body will allow you to move. You feel like a burden to others because they sometimes have to look out or you. You feel, because you can’t do, that people are judging you. You go through crazy mood swings based on how much pain you are in. It becomes a huge emotional rollercoaster. It’s a life where you have to depnd on medications to survive. It’s a restraint. You can’t always do what you used to do and you feel like no one understands you. It’s a major responsibility, you have to learn your body and figure out your limitations sometimes the hard way. People rarely realize that i’s a disease that could kill you. That lupus is a lifelong battle and until a cure is found we will fight daily. Hopefully, one day, we won’t have to explain how hard life is with lupus. Hopefully, one day, we will explain how life without lupus is like. #LupusInColor

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