You’ve Changed

Some people act as if being diagnosed with lupus is a fault or defect in your character. They believe you have changed since you’ve been diagnosed.

The reality is you have changed. You have realized the importance of life and living it to the fullest. The things you used to take for granted are the things that are the highlight of your day. The little things that used to annoy you now make you smile and laugh gleefully.

So, yes lupus has changed you. Not for the worse as someone else may see it, but for the better as you see it.

A metamorphosis has occured in you. Be proud of it, own it, grow to a beautiful butterfly in it!


One thought on “You’ve Changed

  1. Growing Nurse Debi says:

    Amen. The changes are difficult, but beautiful.

    When you have some time to read, this is what came to my heart about this same subject a while back:

    Keep writing, sister ♡


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