An Important Thought

Just a little note that may uplift and inspire. Many people want huge crowds and big organizations to be a part of. I love the personal of Lupus In Color. I love that we illicit healing when people are hurting. A walker came out to our second annual walk and was hesitant because she didn’t want to be in huge crowds. Just losing their mother to lupus the family was still hurting. We did the walk in stages, two groups walked at different times, we talked as we walked, we began the process of healing from the hurt by walking for a serious cause in the name of those still fighting and in memory of those who gained their butterfly angel wings. This is what Lupus In Color is about. Touching people one person at a time and creating a a butterfly surge to share, help and support another. Our little walk was so amazing in that we created new friendships as we supported the uplifting of souls that felt the ultimate pain from lupus. We are so appreciative of your continued support here online. We hope we Educate you well about lupus, Inspire you to live beyond the pain, Encourage you to live on when the pain gets to you and Empower you to truly walk in your power in spite of what lupus tries to do to keep you down. #LupusInColor

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