10 Things

10 Things Should Know about People with lupus

1. They’re not faking it, the pain is real.
2. They’re not lazy , lupus can take a warrior down in an instance.
3. They often feel that they’re being judged since many of the scars of lupus can’t be seen.
4. They often feel like they’re being written off and are a burden to their loved ones.
5. They often struggle with a deep sense of shame and guilt for being sick.
6. Having a good day doesn’t mean they are cured it just means a flare has not taken them down for the count and they are feeling better for now.
7. Medications don’t always help, or take away the pain.
8. They have to work hard at loving who they have become in pain while mourning the healthier them that was before lupus.
9. Life as they knew it has changed and the adjustment is difficult.
10. They are the first fighters with the most loving hearts who look out more for others than themselves. #10Things #LupusInColor

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