May 21 Lupus Fact

Butterflies of Hope
Flight of the Butterflies
Spreading Lupus Awareness One Butterfly at a time
Let this butterfly flutter all over cyberspace!

May 21 Lupus Fact

Chilblain lupus is a cutaneous form of systemic lupus erythematosus characterized by the appearance of painful bluish-red papular or nodular lesions of the skin in acral locations (including the dorsal aspects of fingers and toes, heels, nose, cheeks, ears, and, in some cases, knees) precipitated by cold and wet exposure.

This is your twenty first butterfly of hope.

We need awareness and a cure!

Encourage everyone you know to let it FLY!

#LupusInColor #ButterfliesofHope #FlightoftheButterflies #SpreadLupusAwareness #LupusFacts

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