Some Things

There are some things that can affect your body as you battle lupus without you realizing it. Things like…

The Weather-As we battle lupus we can be sensitive to changes in barometric pressure. If the weather goes from hot to cold or wet to dry, you can experience more aches and pains.

Media– What you read, what you watch or what you listen to can lighten your mood or bring it down. It can cause you undue stress that can cause flares.

Food Choices – Despite what you’ve read, there is no established diet for lupus. There are certain foods that may improve your symptoms as you live with lupus and there are certain foods that can worsen your flares and how you feel.

How Much You’ve Slept – 61% of individuals battling lupus state they do not rest well. With pain it can be difficult. A lack of sleep not only causes the immune system to go awry and makes you more susceptible to viral and bacterial infections, it also leads to the breakdown of immune self tolerance (tolerance of your immune system to your own body)

Self-Talk – As you battle lupus you can often have recurring negative thoughts and talk and negative thoughts and talk are very hard to give up. Negative self-talk can bring on flares and keep the flares longer. Learning to respond with a different course of self-talk can make a dramatic difference.

How Much You Move – Pain and limited mobility can stump movement as you battle lupus. The more you dont move the worse it seems to get. Exercise is an important way to take care of yourself and has many physical, emotional and social benefits.

Pay attention to these things that can dramatically affect your body, mind and spirit. #LupusInColor

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