Hydroxychloriquine Resource

Honeybee Health, an online pharmacy found at http://www.honeybeehealth.com, currently has hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) in stock for people with a lupus or rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis. They are approved by the FDA and order their inventory from FDA-approved wholesalers in the U.S. They are licensed by the California Board of Pharmacy. Lupus In Color is in no way affiliated with Honeybee Health, but we want to share this information to help those experiencing a challenge filling their hydroxychloroquine prescription due to a shortage at their pharmacy.

Honeybee Health services 40 states (view the list on their website). They do not take insurance, but work directly with wholesalers to keep their prices low. Plaquenil prices range from $45 for 30 pills to $90 for 90 pills (200mg). You can also use coupon code Lupus20 for a one-time savings of 20%.

Honeybee Health is dedicated to supporting people with lupus during this difficult time. In order to help as many patients as possible maintain access to this medication, they are only filling 30-day supplies at this time (this may be extended in future).

In order to fill your medication, please ask your doctor to:

Include your diagnosis code
Include your diagnosis date
Send your prescription electronically (Honeybee Health, Culver City, CA) or by fax to (310.559.5933) Info provided by Lupus Foundation of America


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