Lupus Awareness Month Fact 12

Butterflies of Hope – Flight of the Butterflies

Spreading Lupus Awareness One Butterfly at a time

Let this butterfly flutter all over cyberspace!
May 12th Lupus Fact

Significant hair loss can occur with lupus With lupus, there are generally two forms of hair loss. One is related to discoid lupus and results in scarring. The other is non-scarring. Scarring alopecia most commonly results from lupus associated with discoid lupus or subacute cutaneous lupus. In these conditions, lupus interferes with the normal function of the hair follicle. With systemic lupus, hair loss can be either diffuse (all over) or localized. When it is localized it occurs most commonly on the front part of the scalp. Many short hairs at the front of the scalp have been coined “lupus hairs.” Hair loss may occur only in the scalp or may involve other regions of the body such as eyebrows, eyelashes, and body hair.

This is your twelfth Butterfly of Hope.We need awareness! We need a cure!Encourage everyone you know to let it FLY!
#LupusInColor #ButterfliesofHope #FlightoftheButterflies #SpreadLupusAwareness #LupusAwarenessMonth

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