The Doctor Is In Dr. Ashira Blazer COVID Shots

Real Talk with Dr. Ashira Blazer COVID-19 Booster Shots & Lupus How do the COVID-19 vaccines work? Will my lupus medications affect how the vaccine works? I have been vaccinated. Do I need a booster shot? Get the answers to your most important COVID booster shots at this doctor session. 

Live Monday Meditations

Join Lupus In Color for a live midday meditation. Come by and take a little break.   Stopping and breathing is a basic need. Meditate with us LIVE! Instagram and Facebook LIVE #LupusInColor #mondaymeditations IG Live Lupus Awareness Kick-Off

Instagram live event with A kick-off to awareness month addressing some commonly asked questions about living with lupus with lupus advocates! Join us for this great kick-off event!

In The Loop Supporters

  Join us LIVE on Facebook, YouTube and streamed to Instagram. Join us LIVE on Facebook, YouTube and streamed to Instagram. Tune in to hear a great supporter of lupus and how Breann Carroll […]

Meditative Walk for Lupus

RF&P Crump Park Glen Allen, VA

A meditative walk involves focused walking. All across the globe, walking meditation is a popular kind of mindfulness meditation. Walking meditation, at its most basic, is just paying attention to […]

April Renew and Rejuvenate Challenge

April Renew & Rejuvenate Challenge 5️⃣ things to do daily to renew your mind and rejuvenate your body. 1️⃣ Practice meditation or mindfulness: Take a few minutes each day to […]

Let’s Talk Inclusive Health Solutions

Let's Talk inclusive health solutions with Eriel Brown of Savvy Cooperative. We are so excited to partner with Savvy Cooperative to help warriors share their experiences and help to make […]

The Bite Size Scoop

The Bite Size Scoop Healthy Habits Cafe Savoring Nutritious Conversations with Jocklyn W. Squriewell B.S. M.Ed M.S. Integrative and Functional Nutritionist Join us for a live stream discussing the importance […]