The Purple & Black Masquerade Ball



“The Purple & Black Masquerade Ball.” will encourage people to “unmask the pain” of not only lupus, but of ALL invisible illnesses…

The Purple And Black Affair a 3 Part semi-formal/formal event, in the beautiful Grand Ballroom of The Patrick Henry Hotel. Doors open at 6pm with a “Lupus Awareness Social Mixer.”

Your $50 ticket will include one full plated sit down dinner, prepared by sponsor “Black Water Creek Catering,” and access to the three following events for the evening…

At 7pm, Part 1

“Laugh For A Cause” Comedy Show, with guest comedians: Winston Hodges, Patrice Deveaux, Micah Bam-Bamm White, and Hosted by Comedian/Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Advocate Lady Shamar.

Part 2: “The Voices Of Hope” will be hosted by guest Lupus Advocate & Founder of Lupus In Color,” Racquel Dozier, and will be filled with sounds of encouraging spoken words from our guest poet Monique Wells “The Plus Poet.” Neo Soul Sounds from our guest artist, Zhe AQueen & The Good Vibe Tribe…And will end with a final performance by our special guest Motown R&B recording Artist Kevin Ross.

Part 3 “Midnight At The Masquerade” will be an evening dance lasting until midnight, with music from guest DJ C Milli, and guest DJ Rob Stacks…

This event will be an evening to remember, filled with comedy, couture, live music, education, inspiration, and so many other surprises…

One Night. One City. One Purpose.

Bringing awareness to Lupus and Invisible Illnesses. đź’ś

Limited tickets will be available for this event due to maximum capacity allowance in the ballroom. Get yours while you can.

#MakingLupusLookGood #LupusInColor


Sometimes our posts are funny, sometimes our posts are sad. Sometimes our posts are a reality for many, sometimes our posts are only a reality of one. Sometimes our posts can make you feel exactly what we want to portray, sometimes they will miss the mark for you. Sometimes our posts will make you think, sometimes they will just make you feel like you don’t want to think about it all. Sometimes our posts will encourage and support you, sometimes they may convict and haunt you. Sometimes our posts will teach you, sometimes our posts will encourage us to learn more about lupus. Sometimes our posts will make you angry, sometimes it will show you some harsh realities. Sometimes you will like the posts and sometimes you won’t. Most important, we hope that sometimes, just sometimes, we touch your spirit and encourage your soul to continue fighting for your life with every fiber of your being because you are strong, resilient, brave, amazing and are so worth a beautiful life beyond lupus! #LupusInColor

Did You Know?

DISCLAIMER: From time to time #LupusInColor will provide different treatment options for your viewing. These are provided as a courtesy for you to view and try if you like and not as a replacement for your current treatment. As with anything posted, before changing your line of treatments or adding a new treatment, consult with your physician first. This information is provided solely to inform and help you in your journey to decrease the symptoms of lupus. 
Thank You,

Lupus In Color

Do you know about the Jin Shin Jyustu? It is an ancient Japanese art and philosophy as well as powerful alternative health practice that can help you find and maintain balance in your physical and emotional well-being. It is a form of touch therapy that can relieve pain and harmonize the vital energy of the whole body. It involves gentle application of hands on the body in circulation pathways in a consistent, sequential pattern.
the benefits of Jin Shin Jyutsu:

> Helps in pain relief and relaxation

> Reduces the effects of stress and anxiety

> Increases circulation and concentration

> Boosts the immune system

> Improves the skin condition

> Promotes regeneration

> Improves circulation and breathing

> Detoxifies
So here’s how you can perform this simple hand exercise yourself :

> According to Jin Shin Jyustu, each part of the hand is connected to different organs and its corresponding emotions. You can checkout the chart below and decide on which part of the hand to focus on.

> Hold the finger related to organ that you want to heal or emotion that you want to balance. Hold it for approximately 3-5 minutes while taking deep breaths.

> Repeat the above exercise on every finger if you want to balance and harmonize the full body.


Organs : Stomach and Spleen

Emotions: Emotional pain, worry, sadness, grief, depression, anxiety, stress, tension,

Physical Symptoms: stomach issues, skin conditions, headaches


Organs : kidney and bladder

Emotions: Fear, terror, mental confusion, frustration,

Physical Symptoms: back ache, gum issues, digestive problems,


Organs : Liver and large intestine
Emotions: Anger, rage, resentment, irritability, indecisiveness

Physical Symptoms: headaches, menstrual problems, fatigue, cramps, circulation


Organs : lungs and large intestine

Emotions: Anxiety, preoccupation, worry, fear of rejection, negativity

Physical Symptoms: skin conditions, digestion, respiratory problems.


Organs : heart and small intestine

Emotions: Low self-esteem, family, insecurity, nervousness, judgmental,

Physical Symptoms: blood pressure, sore throat, bloating.

Sometimes I Wish…

Sometimes I wish that I could do the things I used to. I sit and think how much fun I had before lupus. Sometimes it gets me down until something happens to shake me awake and show me how amazing life is, like genuine laughter, that makes me realize that I’m still here and I have every opportunity to continue making fun memories in the space I am in right now. Sometimes lupus tries to rob you of the happiness that never left in the first place. We have to be pushed back into reality in the most simplest ways. Lupus has nothing on your happiness even in pain that joy can come. Don’t ignore the joy beyond lupus, allow it to overtake you. #LupusInColor