Butterfly Pen Pals

Butterfly Pen Pals program. This program is ongoing and consists of lupus warriors exchanging letters and supporting one another on our lupus journeys. The program is geared to have consistent support and have someone to talk to via letter, internet or phone. If you are interested in having and being a pen pal please let us know by signing up below #LupusInColor 

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Thanksgiving Countdown

Stress is a normal part of life. Too much of it, however, can be taxing to the body. The holiday season is a time of additional stress for many people and it can be even more challenging for people with lupus.

Family relationships, finances, and the physical demands of the holiday season are all common triggers of stress. Holiday festivities mean spending additional time with family, which can heighten relationship issues for some people.

A good way of preventing holiday stress is by planning ahead and prioritizing. Try and work within the four A’s to get through with minimal stress and flares.

1. Avoid: Avoid the people and things that upset you or cause too much stress. One way of practicing avoidance is by saying no. You don’t have to be around those who you know will stress you our and upset your mood.

2. Alter: If you find that the normal holiday season routine is too fatiguing, alter your expectations. If loved ones aren’t respecting your needs, respectfully ask them to alter their behavior. You can also alter what your response will be and what your plans are. If being with family will cause you too much stress alter your time with them.

3. Accept: Acceptance is an important part of managing stress. During the holiday season, you may have to accept that you won’t be able to participate in all the activities you would like and that is okay. You don’t have to go to every gathering even if it’s your family.

4. Adapt: One way of avoiding stress is to adapt. Living with lupus often means having to adapt one’s lifestyle or plans; this is true during the holiday season as well. Go into the season with a mindset that you will adapt to any situation and remove yourself if you can not.

While the four A’s are excellent for managing the holiday season, they are also useful in managing the everyday struggles of lupus.

Control your stress level: Since some researchers believe that stress could be both a lupus trigger and a flare trigger for those with lupus, reducing stress is a must.

So at the end of the day remember, Just say no, delegate responsibilty, be smart and most of all take care of you.

You deserve the best in your holiday season, make a conscious effort to make the moments beneficial to your personal health.

Midweek Refuel 7/31

As you battle lupus be BETTER: B.rave E.mpowered T.ransformed T.hriving E.xcited R.efined. Stronger and courageously living in every moment with power. Be Brave in your continued fight beyond lupus; Empowered enough to help another through this lupus journey,; Transformed in your mindset to stay strong; Thriving way beyond lupus. Be Excited that you’ve made it this far and be Refined beyond your pain to bring you positive power. Better. We all want it and operate in it daily. Be proud of how much better you are today than you were yesterday. Today together we are better. #LupusInColor

Midweek Refuel 7/31

Recognizable Scars

Sometimes the scars of Lupus are very visible and sometimes they are not. It’s hard to inform people of a chronic infirmity that is not visible to the naked eye. But it is just as difficult to explain when the scars become visible.

I am not one for vanity. I mean, I love to look good because it helps me to feel my best, But vain is not a character trait I possess. Although many may look at me at me posting photos and assume oh she’s so vain always about herself, They really have no clue what I am all about.

Anyway, some days it’s easy to hide the fact that the insides of my body is in a constant fight for power over me. That they battle in a daily war for rights to my organs. That sometimes my mind gets involved in the battle and tries to fight for recognition only to forget why it tried to get in on the battle in the first place. Sometimes it’s easy to hide that….

Other times between the lupus butterfly rashes… the lupus lesions…the battle scars from treatments it’s hard. When the scars become recognizable scars for all to see and question or look at you like you have a disease that can be caught….it’s hard.

Now, don’t get me wrong the battle is always difficult. Just some days are easier to deal with than others.

I think anyone with a chronic illness tries to hide the scars, but when they become more visible it makes it more of a difficult pill to swallow. I say this because when you have a chronic illness you are forever battling with self to be positive and not succumb to the negatives of your illness. Couple that with the questions of your scars and battle wounds and it becomes difficult to handle at times.

I am here to not only encourage you but to encourage myself when the scars are so prominent that you just want to turn life off. *Click* just flip the switch and sit in the dark for no one to see not even yourself.

I’ve had to look at it differently. My scars aren’t a burden but a bountiful blessing to get awareness in the face of those that have never or would ever hear about Lupus. I look at my scars as battle wounds that are attached to the story of a fearless warrior that lives day to day in a treacherous fight for life.

Yeah… there are recognizable scars and battle wounds…. but they are my story… I can look at them and be sad and solicit pity from those around me. Instead, I choose to be strong when I can, allow my weak moments to peak and crawl through them, embrace the teaching moments and solicit support and love from those around me.

Is my attitude always positive about lupus and living beyond it…HELL NO.. sometimes I’m downright negative about it… but I have learned to live in that moment, appreciate it for what it is and pick myself up scars and all and start each day in a new way.

Your recognizable scars don’t define you they just give you an opportunity to tell the story of overcoming a battle. A story that all must hear including YOU!

I am the face of lupus that someone forgot to tell you about. Can you hear my story NOW? ~Racquel~


Permission to Heal

You have permission to heal. It will not always be a physical healing, it may be a mental healing from the depression stronghold of lupus. It may be a spiritual healing from the strain that lupus can place on your soul with doubt of overcoming. It may be a healing in your heart from the pain that lupus has placed on it fighting the lupus battle with every fiber of your being. Whatever the healing you have permission to accept it even if it’s not the one you are looking for. Healing comes in so many shapes, so many forms and in so many ways. Remember to accept them all as they allow you to continue a valiant fight in beating lupus daily. You have permission to heal in any and every way you can. #LupusInColor