Monday Mindful Moments Week 7

Today is Monday Mindful Moments Week 7

Today be mindful in your listening.
MMM…. That Feels Good! Monday Mindful Moments

Mindful Hand Washing

Sure, hand washing is basic hygiene — the CDC recommends washing your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds — but it’s also an opportunity to quiet your thoughts. By focusing on all the different sensory characteristics of hand washing: the warmth of the water, the aroma of the soap, the feeling of the suds in between your fingers, you can carve out a moment of peace and relaxation.

The technique for mindful hand washing is simple:

  • Before washing, take a deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth, and feel the tension leaving your face and body.
  • Next, turn on the faucet and focus on the sound of the water splashing against the sink.
  • When the water is warm, let it slowly wash over your hands, and really think about how it feels against your skin, palms, and knuckles.
  • Start lathering your hands with soap and concentrate on its scent.
  • Finally, rinse your hands and walk away feeling clean and refreshed.

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Monday Mindful Moments Week 6

Today is Monday Mindful Moments Week 6

Today be mindful in your listening.
MMM…. That Feels Good! Monday Mindful Moments

Listen in a New Light – Mindfully

When others are speaking, it’s easy for your thoughts to wander. Suddenly you may realize you don’t remember what was just said. Mindful listening keeps you present in the moment. It enables you to better understand what people are saying, physically and emotionally. So you engage in richer, more meaningful communication.

  • Before your next conversation, spend a few moments to clear your mind with long, thoughtful breaths.
  • As the person talks, listen intently, noticing not only the words, but the inflections and mannerisms.
  • Focus on understanding all that’s being communicated to you, instead of simply reacting.
  • Finally, listen intently to your body, mind and soul about what you need to do to stay healthy beyond lupus

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Day 26 30 Day Get Moving Challenge

Day 26 30 Day Get Moving Challenge

REST TODAY! Enjoy just the action of resting. You’ve been moving non-stop for 26 days, just sit and be thankful that you were able to move!

Rest is important in any workout. Don’t feel guilty to take a break and recover!

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Monday Mindful Moments Week 5

Monday Mindful Moments Week 5

Today is Monday Mindful Moments Week 5

Today be mindful in getting dressed.
MMM…. That Feels Good! Monday Mindful Moments

Today have a mindful eating Monday and slow down.

Mindful eating is the act of noticing the tastes, textures, and sensations of what you’re eating. Slowing down and savoring each bite nurtures our appreciation of food. By employing techniques of moment-to-moment awareness, you naturally slow yourself down and learn to appreciate the present moment, all while reducing your stress levels and experiencing greater enjoyment from your meals.

Mindful eating isn’t hard to do, and it can actually be a fun way to enjoy a meal once you get the hang of it. First, plan to cook something simple and healthy, yet satisfying. Next, set the table, removing any sort of distractions from the dining room such as cell phones, tablets, or anything else that might hijack your attention. While eating your meal, chew each each bite slowly and contemplatively, savoring each bite. Notice the different textures, flavors, and temperatures. Try to think about the ingredients and spices and that went into each component of the meal.

By eating in this fashion, you’ll find that you eat at a more measured pace and that each bite is appreciated. By spending a little extra time consuming your food, you’ll feel healthier, happier, and less stressed.

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Day 20 30 Day Get Moving Challenge

Day 20 30 Day Get Moving Challenge

Use your housework to get your move on. Wash the dishes and after every dish, do a squat. Fold the laundry and after 5 pieces of clothing folded, do 5 jumping jacks. Finally, vacuum your carpet or sweep your floor and do leg lifts after each push of the vacuum or swoosh of the broom.

Sometimes we can use every day activities to get our body moving. It just takes some creativity to get your housework and workout done in one shot. Housework in itself is a workout.

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Day 19 30 Day Get Moving Challenge

Day 19 30 Day Get Moving Challenge

Take a 30 minute walk outside or walk in place in your home. If you need help at home try a walk at home video.

Walking is an easy and popular way to exercise. All you have to do is put on a pair of sneakers, and you’re ready to go. You don’t need special equipment, and you can do it anywhere. You can also tailor it to your fitness level.
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Day 16 30 Day Get Moving Challenge

Day 16 30 Day Get Moving Challenge

5 minute mobility stretches: neck rolls, shoulder mobilization, loose arm swings, hip rotations, knee rotations, squats, alternating reaches, side to side step/skaters, PNF crunches & overhead reach to jumping jacks.

It’s important to stretch your muscles and get them ready to move. Sometimes the stretching is all you really need to get your body moving and get the blood flowing into your joints to make you feel just a little bit better in your day.

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Day 15 30 Day Get Moving Challenge

Day 15 30 Day Get Moving Challenge

It’s neighborhood walk day! Take a photo and tag #LupusInColor #neighborhoodwalkday

Take a walk around your neighborhood. Don’t rush it. Just grab your family and walk around the neighborhood and enjoy the day.

Walk the entire length of your street and back. Stick to one side out and the other side back. If you’re looking for a longer walk, follow a walk in the shape of an 8, with your home being at the center.

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Day 14 30 Day Get Moving Challenge

Day 14 30 Day Get Moving Challenge

5 minutes of cardio: Jog in place, walking high knees, vertical jump, invisible jump rope, jumping jacks.

The main purpose of doing cardio exercise is to improve your heart health and efficiency of the rest of the “circulatory system”. As a result, your heart and lungs will get healthier, stronger and more able to work more efficiently.

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