Disabled Not Dead

Just because you may not be able to work because of lupus, doesn’t mean that you have been beaten by lupus. It simply means you have to modify the work you do.  You aren’t less than or giving up to lupus when you listen to your body and remove yourself from the workplace for good. 

As lupus warriors we often feel embarrassed while fighting a disease that we have no control over when it renders us disabled. Disabled is not a dirty word. It should not make you feel like lupus has beaten you. It may be a reality punch in the face for your already bruised ego from dealing with lupus issues, but it is surely not a sign of being beaten by lupus.

As we grow in our dealings with having lupus, we learn to talk to ourselves differently. Instead of saying what can’t be done we learn to accept what it is and focus on what can be done.

Today change the way you are looking at lupus and how it will affect you in the future. Begin to listen to your body, stop overdoing it because you want to prove to yourself you can beat lupus. 

When you’re tired rest. If you can’t work, stop working. You have nothing to prove to lupus. You only have to live in each moment battling lupus wisely and making sure you keep healthy while doing it. If the workplace is toxic to your health don’t feel guilty if you have to leave it.

You prove to yourself daily how to beat lupus as you push in spite of the pain. You prove to yourself daily that you beat lupus when you realize your limitations and yield to the talk of your body to slow down and stop. Don’t allow lupus to trick you into believing you’ve been beaten because you are unable to work. You’re just disabled not dead, lupus has not beaten you!


~Lupus In Color~

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