Conquering Warriors

Conquering Warriors


I would call you Lupus Warriors.   
But, my spirit  says Lupus  Conquering  Warriors !  For you are conquering  the threat of this horrible  dis- ease to your life. You are conquering  the day to day battle  of this “hater” with  strife.
Lupus conquering  warriors,  marching onward and outward, swords flaying,
No thought of ever swaying
Away from the skirmishes,  the battles,  the war, that living with Lupus brings
Enlightening and marching toward the higher things.
So, you will be victorious, in this life and beyond,
Cutting down the Lupus dis-ease one by one.
For with God and you  Lupus will be conquered
You will cut off  its  terrible  ugly head
Stand tall, fight on for your battles and goals won
Each victory helps each Lupus conquering  Warrior, get closer to  the Son.
For you are wielding  the fiery swords to defeat
The Lupus beast ,which will land at your feet.
I hear your victory now and on and on
March on Lupus Conquering  Warrior, 
Heads held high, with the strength of the Son.

Valerie Callahan
Copyright © 2015

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