You Need To Know


You need to know…. The medications to treat lupus can be just as bad as lupus itself.

While most people are trying to figure where they should go to eat or which outfit they should wear for a night out on the town, a Lupus warrior is fighting with the side effects from the medication regimen that keeps them alive.

Lupus warriors are constantly in a fight with self trying to determine if the medicinal treatments provided is worth the side effects or should they just allow their body to attack every organ in their body and kill them.

Every lupus warrior toils with having to be on medications for the rest of their lives. They wrestle with the fear that the medications won’t help and will bring on more problems versus choosing to treat their lupus holistically and having the Lupus that riddles their body not respond or not take to the holistic aporoach at all.

Lupus warriors are constantly in the fight, every day, 24/7 365 days a year.  Not only with physical pain that can’t be seen, but emotional turmoil that really can’t be explained.

You need to know… Lupus is not a well known disease and it’s not easy to live with. Although it’s becoming more popular and more widely talked about, it is an upheaval of a life in more ways than a little. A drastic change in how one lives and operates day to day.   You need to know!


2 thoughts on “You Need To Know

  1. KimmieGlazier says:

    Longing with lupus for 20 Sachs. Now raising my grandkids and very little support from my husband. He seems to think I pick and choose when I’m sick…as if.


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