Don’t Wait


Don’t wait to walk in my memory after I’m gone, walk with me now as I fight this lupus battle. Don’t wait to understand the depth of my disease when when life escapes me, work to understand the magnitude lupus has in my life while I’m still breathing in front of you. Don’t wait until I’m gone to say I wish I would’ve done more, just sit with me today and help me along my way as I fight for my life. Don’t wait to gain insight of the things I battle through lupus, simply ask and I’ll tell you if you promise to just take heed. Don’t wait to get in a corner with someone else and talk about what I haven’t done or what I can’t do, take a moment while I’m here to ask me what can you do to help me through.  Don’t wait to tell me you love me by the graveside, when today you see me struggling fighting for my life. Every day I fight a Lupus battle that I tell noone about. I grit and bear it because there is no other way to get through it without falling to pieces. It is the hardest battle I have to fight day to day. It’s hard wondering how the big bad wolf of lupus will rear it’s ugly head in my steps for the day. So when you see me struggling,  fighting to make it through, don’t wait to encourage me and support me too. It’s  sometimes the simplest things that you can do, start by believing that Lupus is a real condition that can strike in an instance, there is no cure only management and your support is needed NOW not when I’m gone. #LupusInColor

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