I feel like… with lupus, we can’t complain without being seen as ‘weak’, ‘selfish’ or a ‘complainer, because it’s JUST lupus, isn’t that what people say? It’s not cancer, where people talk about how strong you are for dealing with it, and are so ‘understanding’ if you do complain about it.  Lupus is not considered a deadly disease or a disease that alters lives tremendously. But, what people don’t get is that lupus CAN be deadly and life altering. People die from lupus complications daily. Whether it be from kidney failure or heart attack, it’s a very real possibility, and people who live without having lupus in their lives just don’t seem to grasp that. Don’t get me wrong, cancer is serious but, people need to realize that lupus is just as serious and can wreak havoc on lives. It’s not JUST lupus. We can’t just suck it up and live on all of the time, especially when our lives are forever impacted daily with the pain and suffering it places on our bodies. So, before you compare lupus and tell someone that it’s JUST lupus stop whining, or give them the look that you really don’t want to hear it because you don’t believe it anyway. Think about the realities of the disease and how it can potentially hazardous to the health of the one you are speaking to. #LupusInColor

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