No! I am not just having a bad day… I have lupus and for now it’s for life. I live with it, I manage it and unfortunately right now I can not cure it. A bad day is something people can get over. Lupus  is not just something I’ll  get over.My health may improve from timeto time, but the Lupus is still there. I should not have to fit in the definition that others place on my hard days. Sometimes it’s not just a bad day, it’s a hard struggle to live. #LupusInColor

3 thoughts on “NOT JUST A BAD DAY

  1. Jules says:

    Some times it can be so hard to not think this way. Sometimes I try to think of lupus as something that makes my day better. Sometimes I get thrown with challenges and I realize I can handle them well because lupus has made me stronger and more mature. Hang in there!


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