Hard Lupus Moments


These are the lupus moments  that drive me crazy. That make me want to stomp lupus to death with steel toe army boots. I have had dysphagia for the past 5 days. I have had so much trouble swallowing that it is ridiculous.  Not only am I uncomfortable, but I’m in pain.  It’s times like these that I know that I will never let lupus beat me because that would be just too damn easy. Scope up your nose to go down your throat, just isn’t fun, but it’s necessary to get to the bottom of this issue. It isn’t easy dealing with these issues but we must do it to survive. It’s the little things we take for granted, that we don’t think about, like swallowing, when its gone that you appreciate it immensely. Sigh… off with lupus’ head! EFF-U-CEE-KAY YOU LUPUS!!!! #LupusInColor

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