Pick Up Your Sword

Pick Up Your Sword and Fight!

“Don’t allow lupus to dictate the life you want to lead! When you feel good do good for yourself. Don’t stay in pity parties after all it’s not a party at all b/c it is a party of one. You deserve more than the pain anything causes. Pull yourself up, clean yourself up, wipe your tears, remove your fear,take a deep breath and LIVE BIG!” ~RHDozier~

It is difficult to live with lupus. An illness that you know one day will be a contributor to the demise of your physical person. Knowing that you have something in you that can kill you can be taxing on your mind, body and soul.

It is important for anyone who deals with lupus to deal with it in a way that will be helpful in staying healthy. Stress can cause massive lupus flares and create a monster raging within you. Although we know that we have little pity parties of one… crying whoa is me… why me…what did I do to deserve this..I don’t want to live…why can’t I just die and be done with it all…I’m angry at God and myself and everyone else sessions. We can’t stay in that moment!  We all go through them, don’t get me wrong, but we must be strong enough to pull ourselves out of them. 

We can drown in the sorrows, whoas and worries of what lupus will do to us and literally allow the disease to overtake us and kill us. We can puff up and not follow doctors orders because we don’t feel it is ok for us to be in a sickly way, but who do we hurt when we do this? Yes you got it, ourselves. 

There is power in realizing that in our weakness our strength rises to the occasion if we just allow it to channel through us. The party is over… It’s boring to party by yourself anyway. It’s time to channel that inner strength and begin to pull yourself up and live again. I know it may be new… I know you are fearful… I know you feel like nothing has worked to make it better, but we need to remove all negative thoughts and realize the importance of the NOW. 

What can you do NOW to feel alive again… What can you do NOW to remove the despair you are in…What can you do NOW to make sure that if your next breath was your last, in that last breath you can whisper I lived big, I loved on purpose and I enjoyed every minute of it…

A lupus warrior is a strong person. Remember a strong person is the one who knows how to be quiet, shed a tear for a moment, realize their fears and then picks up their sword and fights again. 

It’s time to pick up your sword…


Walk in the power that is you!


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