Emotional State

All those people that said something about how you deal with your lupus, don’t give them power to anger you. Those that don’t believe you are dealing with lupus pain daily, don’t give them power to sadden you. To every person that questions why you can’t do things while in lupus flares, just ignore them and move on with healing. Some of those people are closest to you and still don’t believe or recognize how lupus can take a toll on you. Don’t expend energy on allowing yourself to be upset, sad or confused about it. You have nothing to prove to people who don’t care enough to understand the pain lupus puts you through. The only way you can begin to live well beyond lupus is to not allow others who aren’t living your life and walking in your lupus shoes affect your emotional state. 

Consciously realize how you allow others to bring you down and react in a way that will help you heal instead of push you to get worse. It takes some practice but your health depends on it. #LupusInColor

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