Prayers for Lupus Warriors

Today, stop and say a prayer for those lupus warriors that are sick and shut in. Currently Nick Cannon is in the hospital receiving a blood transfusion. We know with a lupus warrior’s compromised immune system, low iron levels and white blood counts that waiver from low to non-existent blood transfusions are very likely. It’s difficult to deal with the issues lupus brings. Let’s keep Nick Cannon and other lupus warriors uplifted and encouraged as they battle for their lives. #FightOnLupusWarriors #LupusWarriors #ButterflyBattle #LupusInColor

3 thoughts on “Prayers for Lupus Warriors

  1. paws2smile says:

    I know it is part of our disease, but I feel like he keeps taking too much on his plate and then has these set backs 🙁. But, maybe I could be wrong and he just has a more active Lupus.


  2. kiasha Ali says:

    Lupus Sucks! We need more awareness out here. Not enough people educated about this debilitating Auto-immune disease. Please stop saying it’s Cancer, it is Lupus.


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