Don’t let your ego trick you into believing you will be better when you feel better. You are getting better everyday even when lupus tries to tell your body and mind otherwise. Better is a state of mind, not a specific feeling. You have to know and believe beyond the pain, no matter what lupus brings, you are enough and you are BETTER: B.rave E.mpowered T.ransformed T.hriving E.ncouraged R.esilient. Stronger and courageously living in every moment with power. Believe you are BETTER before the better manifests in your body and never let lupus define your thoughts in being better in your spirit. #LupusInColor

One thought on “BETTER

  1. Kathy (Momzilla) Manning says:

    Thank you for these IMPORTANT words!! I really needed to read them today as I feel horrible. But you are right BETTER is a state of mind! God Bless you!

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