Perfectly Imperfect

You don’t have to see my lupus scars to understand the depth of what lupus does to my mind, body and soul.

My value and worth will never be degraded by the pain of lupus or the opinion of others as I fight for my life.

I know what I’ve been through and how hard I’ve fought to stay well beyond lupus. I can’t always completely comprehend what I’m going through and why I’m going through it, but I know that I will fight with every fiber of my being to endure and make it through.

I will always wear and have stark reminders, some that may show on my skin and others that may show through my lupus warrior spirit.

Most of my scars you may never get to see, but I will feel them daily sometimes to a degree that many would die from. 

And, although I am a perfectly imperfect in my walk with lupus, I am able to tell you that my survival beyond lupus is AMAZING and freakin’ FABULOUS.

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