Stages of Lupus Mourning

Stages of Lupus Mourning

We all experience them, will go through them and will get stuck in one or more of them….

Stages of Lupus Diagnosis and Management

You know when you are first diagnosed you go through a denial period. I don’t have this life altering disease. I am healthy the 5 doctors I have gone to have no idea what they are talking about. I’m going for another opinion. I don’t have lupus. Hell I don’t even know what it is…..

This is some straight bull! How come I live a life that I do everything right and I get this disease? This is straight foolishness and I can’t stand the doctors for finding this shit in my body. I hate life, I hate my life I want to beat everyone just because afte 10 doctors I have this fucked up disease…..

God, I don’t know what I did to deserve this but I’m sorry. If you heal me I will live a life that is stellar. If you take this disease away from me I promise to never drink alcohol, eat read meat, overconsume sweets or cuss anymore…

OMG I can’t do this I’m never leaving my house. It hurts so bad it will never get better. Please just let me lay in this bed all day, all night and cry myself to sleep and wake up feeling worse because no one understands and I can’t take it….

WOW today is a good day. I feel like I am alive again. This lupus can be rough but I know I can do this if I take it one second at a time. “I have lupus, lupus does not have me!”

Stages of lupus diagnosis and management. You will go through them all, but your goal is to reach acceptance. Acceptance of having to live a new life in a new way with a new attitude.

You can do it!!!!! Never give up!!!!


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