Lupus Fog

Lupus Fog

An estimated 70-90 % of SLE Lupus patients will experience the infamous lupus brain fog. This is the most common form of central nervous system involvement in SLE and can be mild to severe, and vary from person to person

Lupus fog (technically known as cognitive dysfunction) describes the confusion, fatigue, memory loss, and difficulty in expressing their thoughts lupus patients experience.

How does lupus fog manifest?

Lupus fog manifests as difficulty in concentrating/ focusing, trouble remembering; especially recent events and an inability to process “new” information and learn it. One has difficulty in completing day-to-day & familiar tasks like remembering dates/ important appointments,
Speak to your Rheumatologist about it. He will help you with the coping techniques for lupus fog. He can adjust the doses of drugs if you lupus is active. He can start a few medicines to ease your fog. You may require the help of a counselor/ cognitive therapist to take care of the fog. 
Here are a few tips to help you:

1) Keep a daily appointment calendar & go through it twice a day.

2) Set reminders for important appointments/ events in your mobile/ pda.

3) Whenever you listen to any new information, repeat it & try to remember. Jot it down if you wish to.

4) Get adequate rest & sleep.

5) Sit down take a break and allow the fog to pass.

6) Try Deep Breathing to combat the anxiety that comes with lupus fogs.

Lupus fog is common during a flare & stress. If it persists contact your Rheumatologist for further help and coping techniques.

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