Five Empowering Habits

Five Empowering Habits of the Lupus Warrior

1. Complain less and applaud more – Just because you are fighting a hard battle, you make a conscious choice to complain less about the fight and applaud your effort more to overcome the trials of lupus.

2. Speak well over yourself – Speaking to yourself in empowering ways removes the desire to stay still in the pain lupus brings. It also conditions your brain to see the brighter side instead of the hill you are climbing.

3. Be selective in your talk of your battles – Every battle that lupus puts you through is not worthy of discussion with yourself or others. Sometimes the lupus warrior just has to fight and not talk to stay focused on the win.

4. Understand it’s a bad day not a bad life – Lupus brings many difficult days, it doesn’t mean your life is worthless. It simply means you have to put on your battle gear and fight. After all, you’ve won every battle so far, that’s evident in the breath you just took.

5. Value yourself above all lupus issues – Yes, parts of you are broken, but that doesn’t mean you as a whole are broken. Lupus can damage your body, mind and spirit so, its up to you to work hard in keeping strong and keep high value in self worth. You are a warrior that never quits, say it to yourself daily and the warrior will see and focus on your strength, bravery, faith and love beyond anything lupus can bring.


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