It’s True

It’s True…. Your body’s ability to heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe!

I read that statement and said to myself It’s True! My body can be healed from all of the aches and pains if only I believed. Not only do I have to believe but I have to take responsibility for what I bring to my body through my mind, mouth and heart.

I have noticed as I go through this “tiny” battle with Lupus that I am more in charge of the little things going on in my body day to day. By the way I speak to myself and how I speak to this disease sets my tone for the day. Even when I have been feeling bad and lonely and like a waste of a good life, I have learned to really talk myself out of that mindset of misery. I know it sounds so simple but It’s True!

I have realized that if I tell my mind the way I want to feel, that I actually trick it to make my body feel that way. The mind is so complex, but can be easily led in the right direction to tell your body what to do if you work hard and consciously at it.

I’ts True, what I allow to get to me will ultimately be the demise of me, IF I give it that power over me.

It’s becoming increasingly important to me to heal not just my body, but my mind and soul from the terrible effects that Lupus renders on them. It’s not rocket science, I can do it if I just believe and realize that everyday doesn’t have to be a battle if I don’t make it one!

It’s true, no need in giving any power to Lupus through things I can control! #LupusInColor

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