Dear Lupus Some Days

Dear Lupus,

Some days you make me wonder if this LIFE thing is really worth it. I mean if I have to deal with you for the rest of my life what’s the real purpose? If you are going to taunt me and try and kill me why even bother living at all? I am sure many lupus warriors have had a thought of this nature. Simply because when you rear your ugly head it is very nasty.

But, on the days that I whip you senseless, A GOOD LIFE brings me back to reality and gives me many glimmers of hope it lets me know you are a mere speck in my daily walk. That you can’t control me if I don’t allow you to. The kiss of my child reminds me that you aren’t the one that gives me unconditional love. That loves me in spite of the things I’m unable to do. The coolness of a breeze reminds me that every breath I take is another step towards a most courageous life. The butterfly that lands on my hand just to tell me that life is worth living in every inch of its beauty.

You make me wonder sometimes lupus, but LIFE lets me know always that I am more than a conqueror and I am worth more than thoughts that I am not.

Life is worth living in spite of you lupus and there is nothing you can try to put on me that would make me think differently!

In A Courageous Fight,



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