Rant Number One Million Something

Lupus Rant Number One Million Something Something

I wish people would stop telling me that the pharmaceutical companies don’t create cures. WTH I am not stupid. I and every lupus warrior is aware of the issues with the pharmaceutical companies. We know that it is a big industry, we know that the money is good to them. We also know that any and all medicines are not a cure but just management tools that help us live day to day. You don’t have to send us links of medical marijuana, which is not a cure either just a masker like the drugs we are already on. You don’t have to send us texts stating the side effects of our drugs….We know them already and are faced day to day with choosing whether to live today or die because of. You don’t need to tell us to juice, juice, juice because it’s healthy and our disease is the result of an unhealthy body…….You don’t need to call us and challenge us on our faith and try and make it better by telling us our faith has wavered, when it is faith that keeps us going. You don’t have to tell us of all the herbal remedies that can boost an already overactive immune system. Most of us know of them and are looking into trying anything to get some relief.

What we need you to do is get educated on a disease that was not given to us because our ancestors did wrong. A disease that is not an offset of our lack of love of God. Get educated on knowing that at the present moment there is no cure but that does not mean one will not be created. We need you to be educated about a disease that is very invisible to many but evident daily to millions of Lupus Warriors. We need you to know that just because we look good doesn’t necessarily mean we feel good and telling us we are too young or too pretty to be sick only magnifies the dealing we have to do day to day with this horrid disease. We need you to realize that every treatment course is different for each warrior and each warrior makes hard decisions in receiving them. Imagine what it feels like to hear either you can do this or this or this or die….. GOD… can you imagine hearing that your body is attacking itself until it rids it of itself?????? Know we are not ignorant to anything going on around us in us through us over us or between us in this world.

Finally, We need you to know that if there was one thing or a host of things that would cure us, we would be lined up by the millions to get it and receive it and rub it on and sniff it up and ingest it and live it to remove it from our bodies.

Just STOP! Think before you speak and don’t judge a Lupus Warrior for the decisions we make about our treatment.



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