Wear Shade UV Sensor Review

I’ve had my WearShade UV Sensor for about four weeks now. I’ve had to wear it sporadically due to some lupus issues. But, I have been wearing and am so impressed with how it keeps me in line and focused on doing what’s right for my health in regards to sun exposure.

Because most people with lupus are photosensitive and sunlight can trigger symptoms from skin rashes to internal organ damage, protecting yourself from sun exposure is a vital part of lupus management. I understand this and I know it’s important to know how ultraviolet light from the sun and other sources may stimulate an autoimmune response. This is where theWearShade UV Sensor comes right on time.

As a lupus warrior I try to overcompensate for what Lupus has taken from me. Most lupus warriors understand what I mean. When Lupus tells you you can’t be outside in the sun, you do whatever it takes to be in the sun with the least affect on your body because you miss it and the person you used to be. WearShade has given me some definite freedom and channeled into my personal responsibility to do what’s good for my body in relation to the outside fun I want to have.

Using the WearShade UV Sensor has helped me keep track of my sun exposure outside as well as UVB rays inside and stay in tune with my body. It is stylish and becomes a conversational piece. As I wear it, it is a constant reminder to pay attention to my body’s cues when it has had too much time in the sun. It reminds me when to reapply sunscreen, alerts me when I’ve gone over my allotted set sun limit, provides a history of my sun exposure, allows check ins to show how I feel during sun exposure times and a chat box in case you have any questions about the device. The UV Sensor app for the phone is the very easy to use and keeps everything in one place.

WearShade UV Sensor keeps me accountable and responsible to my own health. I would definitely recommend this device to Lupus Warriors to keep track of sun exposure outside and UVB rays inside. If you’re ready to get control of a main trigger for flaring in Lupus get this device, use it and share it with others.

#LupusInColor #WearShade

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