Lupus Nephritis

So let me preface this post with, thank God her friend was a match and that she had the money to have her transplant done so quickly. Many wait for so many years for a kidney transplant, are on lists, on dialysis and some never find a match. So, what a blessing it is that this happened so swiftly for her.

Now let’s get to the inaccuracies in what Selena has said and how it may lead to miseducation of those who don’t know and understand lupus.

Not knowing her exact diagnosis I can’t speak factually to her situation but I can educate on the realities of the disease.

Lupus nephritis is kidney disease that is caused by lupus. It must be understood that there are many forms of kidney disease that are referred to as lupus nephritis. Each form is distinguished by characteristic patterns of abnormalities as defined by a kidney biopsy. In addition to the numerous unique forms of lupus kidney disease, other types of kidney diseases that are not from lupus can sometimes occur in a patient with lupus. When lupus nephritis leads to kidney failure, however, kidney dialysis or transplantation is necessary to sustain life. A kidney transplant can help with reducing symptoms of lupus and will provide the body with a healthier kidney to help the body to function better under the stress of lupus. A transplant can place Lupus in “quiescence” period and reduce the need to start a lifelong journey on dialysis. There’s no cure for lupus nephritis.

When Selena stated her arthritis is gone and her high blood pressure is better and that the lupus is less likely to come back, it’s somewhat true. Because she has removed the attacked kidney and replaced it with a healthy one, that has never been attacked, she will feel much better because of the functionality of your kidneys. Your kidneys do the following:

* remove waste products from the body

* remove drugs from the body

* balance the body’s fluids

* release hormones that regulate blood pressure

* produce an active form of vitamin D that promotes strong, healthy bones

* control the production of red blood cells

The drugs used to prevent your body from rejecting the new kidney are the same or similar to those used to treat lupus. So her Lupus will be a bit better controlled and may go into “quiescence .” The risk of recurrence of lupus nephritis after transplantation may range between 2 and 30%.

I know for sure it has been a difficult journey for Selena. Renal failure is not good at all and she is so blessed to have been able to receive a life saving transplant and I wish her the best health ever. Many times a star may not articulate it all in the most concise way especially through a short interview, so I really wanted to clear it up for those Warriors and supporters that may not know. Don’t go around telling Lupus Warriors that if they get a kidney transplant that they will be cured, that is not the case. It is a bit more complicated than that and transplantation is not an easy feat to complete or go through.

Kudos to Selena for putting Lupus in the public eye.

Lupus awareness and proper lupus education is important to me and I want to get it out to the public eye in any way I can properly and in the most concise way for understanding.


One thought on “Lupus Nephritis

  1. lupuscarecommunity says:

    I agree!!! It’s so important to communicate and educate people about lupus in a true and real way. It can be so easily misguided!!

    I am grateful for Selena to decide to go public regarding her Lupus journey. We need more public awareness and spotlight!!

    Thank you for sharing and writing this.


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