Sometimes I get overwhelmed with Lupus in my life.

I want to do things that I used to do only for my body to tell me absolutely not.

It becomes a difficult task to really handle the day to day challenges

And sometimes I get overwhelmed…..

Sometimes I get tired of living with Lupus

It robs me some days of the loving, caring person that I am

It makes it difficult to deal with emotions and relationships

And sometimes I get tired…

Sometimes I get mad at Lupus

I just want to put my fist through its face and punch it to another galaxy

It can make me so pissed that I have to deal with its nonsense day to day

And sometimes I get mad…..

Sometimes I am really sad with the fact that Lupus is trying to take me

It tries to remove me from who I really am and leave me defenseless against its nasty tricks

I can be so sad at times that I don’t like myself or anyone else around me and make me feel lonely in a room full of people who may adore me

Sometimes I get really sad….

Sometimes I don’t know if lupus is killing me or just working to make me stronger

Sometime I get so confused

Then there are are sometimes that I am happy with Lupus

It has brought so many different testimonies in my life, so many people that I would have never met in my view….

When I am able to help someone else with my story and be a solid rock for them it makes me happy and it helps me to heal…


I am often in conflict with many emotions because Sometimes…. Lupus just is…… Sometimes….


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