Small Miracles

If you had to choose of dying today or tomorrow which would you choose? That is the difference between a person who needs more protection than a little to live to see the next day. When people state you need to change your eating habits to heal or you need to stop your medicine and pray and wait for your healing while you are in pain constantly and near death the other days it really doesn’t help one to heal. Although we know there is no CURE for what ails us, we know a basic change to eating the right foods or just praying or even just taking the medicines prescribed will not bring us to a state of no disease.

We as Warriors do know that if we have good eating habits, have a great frame of mind about our disease that includes spiritual guidance and working with doctors to get a proper medical regimen, we will be able to lead a fairly healthy life considering.

Yes there are MIRACLES, but until you experience the miracle of breathing every second, or the miracle of just a minute with no pain, you know a miracle won’t always come in a grand manner all the time. You appreciate the small miracles until your big miracle is processed and understand that you must work to make your own miracles in between.


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