Four R’s

Sometimes you don’t feel like being positive. Sometimes you just want to cuss and scream and cry and bitch, moan and complain about it all. That’s ok do it!Don’t feel guilty either. Let it out, Shout it out, Get it out of your head and release it from your soul. Everyday if you have to take 5 minutes to release that negative energy and follow it up by replacing it with positive energy, do it. Most times you just need to release in order to feel better, just don’t stay in that mode more than 5 minutes or it becomes the focus of your day. Use the 4R’s – Recognize what you are feeling, Release them from your spirit and Renew your mind by Replacing those thoughts and words with all that’s positive. It’s not easier said than done, it’s easier done when said and you put the action to it. #LupusInColor

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