May 30 Lupus Fact

Butterflies of Hope
Flight of the Butterflies
Spreading Lupus Awareness One Butterfly at a Time
Let this butterfly flutter all over cyberspace!
May 30 Lupus Fact

Sometimes lupus can affect men a little differently than women. Symptoms more common in men but also present in women: Pleurisy (inflammation of the sac around the lungs)•Renal (kidney) disease•Discoid lupus (reddish, scaly skin)•Hemolytic anemia (from the destruction of red blood cells)•Lupus anticoagulant (can promote abnormal blood clotting)•Seizures

This is your thirtieth butterfly of hope. We need awareness and a cure!

Encourage everyone you know to let it FLY!

#LupusInColor #FlightoftheButterflies #SpreadLupusAwareness #LupusFacts

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