HOPE H.ealing O.ver P.ain Everyday

The holidays are so hard to deal with as you battle lupus. You may be battling depression, grief, anger, or sadness. It’s so easy for someone to say just think about the good in your life to get over it all. The reality is, it’s not that easy. What I can tell you is this, sometimes you won’t be able to get over the hard times.  Especially during the holiday. It will take you releasing those feelings just to get through some tough memories and moments. It will take you realizing that those feelings aren’t bad, they are just a part of an experience you have had. It will take you a few moments to get out of your feelings and into your living in the now beyond it all. Take the time to get through and then make time to live beyond. As I said it will not be easy but it will surely be worth it for you in the long run. Just by making a conscious decision to make life liveable makes a difference in the way you walk through your fires. These issues may never go away but you can lessen the effects they have on your life. Through it all, make sure you always have HOPE. HEALING OVER PAIN EVERYDAY!

This has been your MIDWEEK REFUEL for Christmas December 25, 2019. Whatever you do for the rest of the night, make sure you are educated, inspired, encouraged and empowered beyond the pain and issues of lupus. #educate #inspire #encourage #empower  #LupusInColor #MidweekRefuel

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